Find answers to all your frequently asked questions below.

Q.  Does Rimrock require all counselors to be LAC (Licensed Addiction Counselor)? 

A.  All counselors must either be LAC or LAC eligible.

Q.  Will Rimrock consider hiring a person who has been in treatment?

A.  Typically Rimrock wants to see people solid in their recovery before considering them for a position to support others in their recovery.

Q.  What is Rimrock's view on addiction treatment?

A.  Rimrock believes in whole-person care; Emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, social, and vocational.

Q.  When I click on About-Rimrock tab, it does NOT take me to Rimrock website.

A.  Go to your Internet browser settings and turn pop-up blocker to OFF.   Another option is to list as a website exception.